Multiple fields

I just installed suitecrm and wanted to know if you can put a number of textbox in a line with the button add / delete the mails like enter in contact.
Please let me know if I explained well and if there is a solution! :S

Hi maxfiligrana,

Do you want email like field which should have - text box - delete button in a single row ?

It is required to write a code by a programmer.

Thanks and Regards,

hi alpesh,
I would like to have about 10 text boxes in a line with the possibility to add/remove a new line with all the text boxes.
do you think that somebody can help me?
thanks again.


If you are a programmer then you can start and forum can help you.
If you are a user of CRM then it is better to get support from expert.

You can contact me via contact form from my website.

Thanks and Regards,
Alpesh Savaliya