Multiple Database Connections


We are currently using SuiteCRM 8.2.0

SuiteCRM connects too and uses its default database and tables and the regular updates modify those databases and tables etc.

Instead of modifying the default database we plan to create a number of additional databases and keep them separate from default database. All the databases will use MariaDB 10.4.25 on the same host.

Can the SuiteCRM development tools i.e. “Studio” and “Module Builder” connected to these additional MariaDB databases at the same time and access the data ?

Is there any developer documentation on how to achieve this goal ?



We are currently running SuiteCRM 8.4.1

I would appreciate a developer helping with the above technical question as detailed in the last message.


SuiteCRM doesn’t have any support for multiple databases…

What are you ultimately trying to achieve with this set up?


SuiteCRM is a great CRM. Its does the basic CRM tasks any customer services operator would need i.e. opportunities, quotes, contracts etc …… all linked to either a contact or an account etc. This data is stored in a single SQL database.

However for a given contact or account I now also wish to connect to one or many external SQL databases so I can pull in data and display it to the customer services operator in addition to what SuiteCRM provides.

If SuiteCRM has been coded correctly it should be able to connect to either a local or remote SQL database transparently. And therefore it should also be able to connect to multiple external SQL databases. I’ve been doing it for years on different platforms using SQLserver and Oracle.

I haven’t looked at SuiteCRM code yet but I’m sure your development team would be able to answer yes or no quite quickly with the knowledge they have about the way SuiteCRM connects to its database. It would save me a lot of time.

If it was theoretically possible I’m happy and able to implement the code myself. I’ve been coding for years.


Have a look here and let us know how you do.

Hi @Andrew_C

That’s an interesting application - to help people with similar ideas, have you considered changing the Thread title to something more specific: maybe:

  • Pull in data from other databases, to display in Suite pages

To clarify - you don’t wish to save that external data in Suite tables - merely to display it to users; is that correct?


Thanks for the link. Exactly what I needed. Thanks again.

Hello DJuser,

At the moment this is a proof of concept to determine if multiple database connections are possible within SuiteCRM V8.x. Therefore the current thread title is appropriate.

However if successful then I would be more than happy to change the thread title as you suggest.


SuiteCRM itself will just use one DB connection. But nothing is stopping your code, your integrations, from opening some other connection to do your work, either on DBs running in the same box, or in remote ones.