Multiple campaigns, optional 2nd target list on web-to-lead form?

I’m looking to put together a contact form, which currently is tied to a campaign to collect the leads. I would like to add a checkbox to the form for those interested in opting-in to our newsletter. Ideally, submissions with this checkbox checked should be also collected in an additional target list for newsletter participants.

I don’t think we can tie a web-to-lead form to two campaigns. I know that we can relate two target lists to a single campaign, but I only want those form submissions with the checkbox checked to be added to the newsletter target list.

What is the best way to handle this?

I am interested in an answer to this as well

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Possibly you can achieve this with a workflow.

Alternatively you could explore doing it with an after_save logic hook.

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I would agree with the above, sounds like you could do this with the workflow. when the lead comes in it would have the checkbox checked so you could catch it on this. for new records.


How can do this? Are there any example to do it with workflow. I could’nt find correct action to do it.