Multiple campaign

HI Dear SuiteCRM members
how we can have multiple campaign for one contact ( by default we just link one campaign to one contact )??
i know the process : Studio, contact module,relationship, add relationship, change the LABEL TO CAMPAIGN AND SAVE
but i dont know why it dosnt work and whats a problem???

Many thanks for your help

Hi, welcome.

That isn’t the correct approach, I think.

Each campaign has one or more target lists. That’s where you include the Contacts you want to reach. And each contact can be in many Target lists, and the Target Lists can be reused across different campaigns, so that multiplicity you need is already there.

Here is what you can do …

  1. Create a Target list, let’s call TL-1 , attach your contact to this TL-1
  2. Create another Target List,let’s Call TL-2 , attach your contact to this TL-2.
  3. Create a campaign, let’s call July-1, attach TL-1 to July-1
  4. Crate another campaign, let’call July-2, Attach TL-2 to July-2.

You may see, a contact can be in any number of campaigns and a campaign can have many target lists. This is many to many relationship.

Suite Campaign will automatically stop sending duplicate email to any email address.

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