Multiple accounts connected to each contact possible?

Hi I am new to using SuiteCRM and still trying to figure out how to customize it all.

Is it possible to add contacts to more then one account? For example, bob is on account B, but also on account D as apart of a team of other accounts.

Right now it creates two contact records-- is there a way to just have both listed, one being the “primary account”?

Thank you!!!


Hi Shannon,

You can assign multiple accounts to one contact through the Accounts module.

For example, if you go into “account B” you can scroll down to the Contacts sub-panel and click on the arrow next to the “Create” button. A pop-up will then let you select contacts for that Account, in this case “bob”. If you select a contact that already has another account assigned such as bob’s “account D”, the latest account you assign to it will be shown in the contacts detail-view. If you search for the contact “bob” you will see one listing for each account you have assigned it to. While it may seem that there are now two “bob” records, there is actually only one “bob” stored in the database.

If you want to see both accounts when you look at a contacts detail-view, you will have to create a new sub-panel.

As an alternative, you could also create a new many-to-many relationship between contacts and accounts (In studio). The stock Accounts-Contacts relationship could be used to denote a contact’s primary account while the custom relationship used for non-primary accounts.

… and the TL;DR version is here:slight_smile:

It might be useful to you in case the sub-accounts concepts feels helpful for your case.

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Sorry to post in this old topic but Is there a way to display ALL the linked account of a contact in the detail view of this contact ?

I mean as dillon brown said only the last linked account will be displayed, is this possible with custom code to display all the linked account ?