Multiline orders

We offer a service that contains many unique lines (orders) and looks like a “big order”.
There is a need to create a “big order” PDF with pagination for each such order (line).
The name of each order (line) is unique and not repeated.
“Big order”:
Order 1;
Order 2;
Order 3;
Order …
Order H.
We need to generate printed form on a separate page for each “order 1”, “order 2” and so on:
It should look something like this:
Printed form of “big order” in PDF
Page 1 “order 1”;
Page 2 “order 2”;

Page x “order x”.
I can’t figure out how to implement this. Need help.

Have you looked at Invoices and their Line Items?

If that’s not what you need, then please explain a little better what you want the PDF for (is it for emailing individually? In campaigns? Or to export as a file?)

Line Items - perfect thing for such my “big order”. But I do not know how to create custom line Item (called for example “Number 1” …“number X”
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I need to generate custom PDF with 1 separate page for each “Number 1” …“Number X”:
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You do that in the Products module (see also Products - Categories).

I should create specific Product category for example “Products Small order” and every “Order 1” … “Order X” will be separate product in created cathegory?

I don’t know. I don’t normally use that module.

But now that you know how the several modules articulate with each other, you can play with them and try out different variations, to see if you find a way that fits your purposes. Good luck!

I think if you use the GROUPS option in Line items, then you will have Each small order separate in your BIG ORDER and then while printing PDF, you can change logic to print each group in separate PAGE.

Thanks, already did task in another way (not using line items)