Multi-select Dropdown Data Not Displaying In Subpanel In suitecrm 7.6.4

I created multi select dropdown in custom module and related it with another module. i assigned values for dropdown dynamically by code using custom query. It is saving in database as well. But the values not displaying in subpanel as well as list view. It displaying only comma(,) .
Please help me to solve this.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Prasad,

In which format you have saved the multi select value ? It SuiteCRM multi select field type have special to formatting to save & retrieve. It will be saved in database like


It saved the same format what you mentioned. But it is not displaying in subpanel,list views



Can you check the definition of the field in listviewdefs.php of that module ?
It should be something

'type' => 'multienum',

thanks… It works for me… Now the value displaying in list view, But subpanel issue not solved yet… I tried same thing for subpanel too, but it is not showing values. Please help me to solve that too…

Thanks in advance