Multi-line addresses not exporting properly - How can I export cleanly?

Realizing before we get too far into this that I could send an email within SuiteCRM, I’ve chosen to send via Thunderbird because I’ve never gotten account/contact tagging.

So I export my contacts. I’d prefer to export only name and email address but can’t find out how to do that from the GUI.

So I export all contacts.

Now in the export csv file I have addresses that have multi-lines.


161 Some St.
Suite 1100

When this exports it creates a new line because there is a carriage return/return/etc. after “St.” and before “Suite” in SuiteCRM.

Opening the csv file in multiple text editors shows exactly the same thing. There is no carriage return/return/etc. in the csv file except at the end of the contact record. So the additional carriage return must happen in the Export somehow. (???)

Please note that the complete address is in quotes as it should be. So the Quotes get broken even though they shouldn’t. The Quotes should surround the text and not get broken up.

Is this a bug?

If it isn’t a bug, how do I export so that Multi-line addresses show up with a character for the carriage return in the csv without adding a line.

Or how do I export only selected fields?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all.

Anyone have ideas or suggestions on what to try, experiment?

I was using the export to check data and since the export wasn’t clean, it took far too much work manually fixing the export.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


hello I have the very same problem, anyone found a twist to this?

I had a similar issue and my diagnostic was wrong, the problem is NOT about the CR/LF in the addresses, it is the comma “,” !

While doing maintenance I went over the config.php file and noticed this parameter / line:

 'export_delimiter' => ',',

I changed the delimiter from coma to semicolon “;” and for me the problem was solved, now my exports are nicely formatted.

Please confirm if you are experiencing the same…