Multi-Language support for email and pdf templates

Will there be support for email and pdf templates in multiple languages? For example:

a) User
Send emails to a user in the language he defined in his profile (i.e. case updates, workflow emails etc.)

b) Contact
Send emails to a contact using the email template in the language defined by the contact (i.e. custom language field in the contacts module)

Will the attached proposal for handling templates in multiple languages be something to consider for further developments (SuiteCRM roadmap)?

1. Select language of template
Dropdown for selecting the language of the template (ISO language codes as reference keys in the dropdown)

2. Language dependent subject

3. Language dependent template body
The template body should also be able to handle language specific field values (i.e. dropdown values in the correct language like salutation) and if possible use the correct date format etc. (localisation?).

The selection of the correct templates could be manually (i.e. within the contact) or automatically (i.e. workflow module, advanced open portal (AOP) for case updates etc.). There should be a possibility to define the language when selecting the templates or having a rule for the correct selection.

What do you think about the proposal? Any other ideas? We are also happy to work on it and commit the results.


Hi Chris,

Sounds great! I will pass this on to see if there would be an opportunity to implement this functionality.



Status of this feature request?!

Any news?

Any news?