Multi-language campaigns

Hi everyone!

What is the recommended way to handle multi-language campaigns with SuiteCRM?
I thought I could build a separate Target List for every language and then use a single campaign with different “Email marketings”, such as:

“newsletter 1 - En”
“newsletter 1 - Fr”
“newsletter 1 - De”

but it looks like Campaigns can use only ONE target list, not a per-email-marketing one… Am I missing something?

I think you’re right, there’s no straight-froward way to do it.

I remember a similar discussion some time ago, have you searched the forums for this?

I believe a simple approach (with just a few code customizations) would be to do it all in one campaign, but make the template selection a bit more intelligent:

  • you select a template called MyLetter

  • when sending, if a field specifying the user’s language is FR for french, and if a template called MyLetter.FR exists, use that one instead

  • same for the other languages.

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Yes actually since we do have a “preferred language” field I had been thinking about something like your suggestion, but I was hoping that “out-of-the-box” SuiteCRM would be enough :slight_smile: Well I’ll customize our codebase once more :smiley: Many thanks for your time!

If you can make a solution that can work for other people, we can add it to the codebase. That’s the beauty of open-source :slight_smile:

I suppose you could add a “multi-language” flag to an “Email marketing”, and that would trigger the new behaviour… I’ll try :slight_smile: