Mulptiple Users

Hey, I am new to this software and I cannot figure out how to change the login information for new users. It will only allow for one standard username and password; resulting in the same user, the administrator, being the active user. I would like to create individual logins for each user so that they can add information as it pertains to them as individuals. Is there something that I am missing? Please help.

Thank you.

go to Admin(in the top right menu under your username)->User Management and Select ‘Create New User’

I have done that, but am not given the opportunity to create a new login. It says that my email provider is from gmail, however I both never designated that and am unable to change that. It then prompts me for a test email where it asks for an email address, each time I put in the address and nothing is sent.

go into Email Settings and change it and/or go into Password Management and disable auto generated Passwords

Seems liek you are setting up a user where they can mange their own password. To do this (and it is recommended) you first need to setup a system email.

Go to Admin>Email Settings and enter the relevant email account info for the system emails.

Or you can switch the user setup where you assign the passwords yourself
Admin>Password Management and uncheck Enable System-Generated Passwords

This will allow you to setup users without a system email server.

I recommend to add a system email so notifications etc can be utilized and keep good practice of users having unique passwords.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for the help, problem solved!