Mozaik serious problems. Is it worth?

I find the idea to improve the creation of email templates great.

To achieve this Mozaik has replaced the old Wysiwyg editor. It now has new features that were not available before.

However Mozaik comes with plenty of problems which, in my opinion make me regret the previous editor.

Here are some:

  1. to enter html edit mode you must first add something or you won’t have access to the menu where the html edit option is
  2. whatever you do, mozaik heavily modifies your message and makes it completely different
  3. Some of the context pop up menus that appear when you hover or click on an object are above the object making it impossible to perform the task one wants to perform
  4. The html code generated is gigantic and unreadable filled with plenty of completely useless stuff
  5. Images are all added as attachments even if one wants them as inline
  6. Very often when you add an image the attachment is added but not the image in the code
  7. I have found myself several times with more instances of the same image as attachment when I had only added it once
  8. If I delete one of the “surplus” images (I check the code before) it will most likely remove it also from the template even if the id is different
  9. I tried adding the html directly from the database and, in this way I managed to obtain the desired outcome. However, if I accidentally edit the template all my edit gets lost and transformed to something completely different andawfully presented
  10. to create a simple template, at the end of the day, if you have specific requirements on how it should look, it takes an enourmous lot of time, effort and frustration and, most likely you will not get the desired result. Worst thing: it may get modified by Mozaik if you try an extra edit

Something has to be done.
For example:
. give the possibility to edit the html code and have it saved and rendered without mozaik (an old good textarea!)
. publish the source of the documentation of Mozaik so that one can define the settings and behaviour
. modify the settings in the standard SuiteCRM so that the behaviour of Mozaik becomes less invasive and does what one wants to achieve and not the contrary!
. go back to the previous editor
. give the possibility to chose the editor either at installation, when editing or in the preferences
. adopt another editor that helps user instead of making them waste their time in continuously correcting unwanted (and unasked) behaviour decided by Mozaik

We, as always, are iteratively moving forward. Expect some of your frustrations to be addressed in the next few releases.

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Thank you Greg!

I had no doubt that you do something!