Mozaik Documentation?

Is there such a thing as documentation for Mozaic editor? Is this like a plugin of another opens source project (like Smarty, PDF creator, etc.) or is this a unique SuiteCRM plugin? I’ve struggled with it for years and somehow always found a workaround. However, I’d like to finally get to the bottom of some of the issues and if it is indeed part of another open source that has documentation that would be super helpful.

The current thing that drives me nuts is you can only add two or three sections then it becomes full width and there’s no way (that I know) to fix it. I have to contain everything in the two or three sections that are 600 width.

Is there some setting I’m missing? (yes I have the width set to 600)

But, try to send email or download PDF.

Maybe it is just UI issue.

Ok I solved this particular problem. However, would love if there was some technical docs or instructions on this thing!

How did you solved it? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

see above screen shot

This should help:

Thanks @chris001 that helps. Its a shame SuiteCRM doesn’t use something like grape.js. Mautic has integrated this for email templates and its awesome.

It’s a good suggestion to add GrapesJS: grapesjs - npm

The GrapesJS newsletter editor demo looks good.

It really is a pretty great solution. There is a bit a of a learning curve, but once you get used to it, you can make simple emails or really complex mobilie responisve emails. Plus, it has preview mode where you can click between the different screen sizes and it renders it live and you can make drag and drop adjustments for specific screen sizes. The advantage for SuiteCRM is it’s a really great feature that for the most part someone else maintains. Mautic has kind of gone with this concept throughout. I think it allows them to have a modern feature rich application that is a conglomeraton of other open source projects. The downside is lack of control and direction of the various components I guess, but I know Sales Agility struggles with the upkeep, this kind of a phylosophy could help keep SuiteCRM moving forward and minimize maintenance and development.

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Sounds like a nice email template editor to suggest to add to the next version. Or if you or anyone can, come up with a PR and submit it.