Moving SuiteCRM 7.9.1 instance after platform migration/upgrade - advice request


I’ve been running SuiteCRM on the “oldstable” Debian release. As of a week ago, Debian has incremented up stable from Debian 8 to Debian 9. So Debian 7 is now LTS. It’s time for a system upgrade.

I’m going to upgrade my SuiteCRM platform from Debian 7 to Debian 9 but feel it would be better to do a fresh install of D9 rather than the upgrade path. (I tried the upgrade from D7 to D8 after doing an image.)

Is there a recommended way to do a platform migration? Understandably, the upgrade SuiteCRM website/wiki deals only with upgrading the SuiteCRM application and not underlying platform changes.

Would be better to run the SuiteCRM 7.9.1 installer on the fresh D9 instance and once everything is setup, do a database export from the D7 instance and import into the D9 instance??

Is there a best practice on how to do this? If yes, where would I find it?

Thanks in advance.


actually the last thing you want to do is to mix a migration and a SuiteCRM upgrade at the same time. That’s a recipe for disaster.

If, however, you do one at a time, you should be ok. So choose between:

  1. Install the same SuiteCRM version on a new server, with new OS and new PHP, and then migrate your data and customizations

Or, alternatively

  1. Upgrade your SuiteCRM to 7.9.2 (I’d wait for this one if I were you), start a new server also with 7.9.2, and then migrate.

This way you make sure there are no structural differences when moving data.

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Thank you @PGR.

I’m only working on the platform update, what you listed as (1).

Why should I be waiting for SuiteCRM 7.9.2?

Thanks again!

If you don’t use email with SuiteCRM, you can go ahead with 7.9.1. Just make sure you don’t have the SuiteP theme disabled when you upgrade, it causes problems.

However, if you do use email, 7.9 introduced an all-new Email client, and unfortunately there have been many bugs with this new code - I’m afraid the community didn’t really test the Beta and the Release Candidate, so the reporting of bugs only started when the (supposedly) final release came out.

7.9.1 was a bugfix release, but more bugs have shown up, so I say wait for 7.9.2, or better, for the week after it’s released.

Of course, you have a nice server set up to test stuff (on a clone, on a VM, etc) then go ahead and play with it.