Moving from Sandbox to Production

Hey Guys, I created a bunch of fields in a test environment and want to re-create them in the production. If it’s just one or two fields I normally just re-create them in studio. However, in this case there are LOTS of fields I created in Studio. Can I just copy the Vardefs over to the production environment and do a repair and rebuild? Or are there other steps?

You can export them from studio.

Click in Admin->Studio and you’ll see the button to Export Customizations on top of the modules’ icons. That will create a package you can install into the other installation.

Not sure if that will export other customizations like logichooks and custom code in views. Now, fields and custom layouts can be migrated using that option.

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No Way!!! I’ve been using SuiteCRM for years and never even noticed that!!! Thank you so much!

Glad to help.

SuiteCRM never gets boring. There are things to discover every day.

This is what it does:

I didn’t know about it either…

I hope you revel your SuiteCRM’s secrets to me too :slight_smile: