Moving documents over from 7.13 > 8.5


I’ve got a situation in which i can’t perform the upgrade from 7 > 8 - I’m moving the information over methodically and i’m at a position now where it’s come to document uploads.

I have successfully imported the following

This has left me in a position where the correct documents are showing against the contact.

When i follow the links to the document and click the actual “document.pdf” it shows this cannot be found (as expected)

What must i now do to put those documents back so suite8 can follow the document URL to the physical document?

Is it just a case of zipping the upload directory in the Suite7 folder and then unzipping that zip file into


Within the suite8 structure?

Many many many thanks for your time and attention to this :slight_smile:

Answered my own question with the solution.

Solved for anyone else doing the same :slight_smile:

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Do you mean v8.5 in the topic subject?

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