Moving customized modules and data from SuiteCRM 7.5.1 to a fresh installation

I upgraded from SugarCRM a month ago and I just installed 7.5.1 but I still have some issues and the last update reported a lot of errors during the installation even if it seems to have installed. I was thinking to do a fresh install of 7.5.1 and move everything there including the customized modules. Would that work? Can I do a fresh install, using a clone of my database (after installing it)? How do I move all the customization files? Should Ijust copy the Custom folder?

Thank you so much all your help is appreciated.

You could try going to studio and then selecting Export customisations and it will provide and installable zip file for the modules you have selected. This wont export the data though. You could try to clone your database then attach it to a fresh install of suite then do a repair and rebuild.