Moved Suitecrm, still wrong permalink despite changing config.php

Hi guys

After an issue with invite emails stop being sent via calendar (never understood why, since the smtp text works), I moved suitecrm to another hosting. despite having changed the permalink in config.php with the new url, im still being forwarded to the former site. where else do i need to make a change ?

thank you

There are two things in config.php:


However, I wonder if your problem has anything to do with SuiteCRM, or if it is just a change you need to make in your domain settings (with your domain registrar) to point it to the new server?

What do you mean “you get redirected”? Is it when you type the URL into the browser, you get taken to the old site? if so - update your Domain settings in your registrar’s site, it has nothing to do with SuiteCRM.