Move suite crm to new server - old server not working


I have access to all the data on my old servers hard drive.

Can I just grab the folder containing the CRM an dplace it on the new server in the new folder on the new server.

Then, place a copy of the database on the new server.

Arrange the config.php to correspond to the new server.

Then log in?

Or, do I need to reinstall SuiteCRM, and then erase the DB made, with the old one?

Thanks for any ideas.


I think you can try just the simple option of cloning all files and the database. It should work unless some OS or PHP difference trips you, but that should be fairly easy to solve also.

I always move databases by having MySQL export to a text file, and then import on the new server. I never tried just moving the database files, but there should be tutorials online explaining that.