Move installation to new server with new domain name

Folks, I am trying to move to an installation to a new server but with a different domain name for the installation. So far I have not had any success. I have checked the permissions and that seems OK. I get the dreaded “Undefined” message coming up on any info popups. Also I get dB errors when looking at workflow runs.
Am I missing something here. I made a backup from within suitecrm and also a database backup. I restored the backups to the new server, edited the config.php to reflect the changes in dB name and username etc. Set the file and folder permissions. It should work! Anyone else had this sort of problem?

Regards, Chris.

Please Inspect you crm UI on chrome developer tools check the console if you are getting js language files not found error.
If that is the case
Start from Admin->Repair-> Repair js language files and refresh UI see if the errrors are gone
If they are not gone try Repair-> Repair htaccess if still not gone then
check if mod rewrite is enabled on your server if not please enable mod_rewrite

Also make sure in the config file the Site URL is correct.

Thank you for the comments, I am now just about up and running. Only issue is when I run a QR&R I get the following message: “Differences found between database and vardefs”. It offers me the script to execute which I do and it says that the “Database tables are synced with vardefs” but if you run it again I get the same message. It goes round and round. I thought that a fix had been applied to the latest version for this but it seems not.
Can anyone point me as to how to fix this?

Version 7.12.6

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)


SQL server version issue, but I didn’t notice it was a critical error. Some fields should not be NULL by default. SQL Server fixes this automatically.

Thank you, Yes, it is a SQL server issue. I have changed hosting provider again and sorted out the issue. All now resolved. Thank you for the advice.