Mosaico for email newsletters

We want to give all our clients access to a SuiteCRM 8 Dashboard from where they can send email newsletters to their own client base. I noticed it looks like Mosaico is baked into the latest version of SuiteCRM 8 and wanted to find out if it is possible to use it for the email newsletters?

This is an extension in CiviCRM - Mosaico CiviCRM Integration | CiviCRM

See nothing in the Store - Search results for 'mosaico'

Many thanks

There is a similar editor in SuiteCRM called Mozaik, but it is surely older and not as sophisticated as that one.

The choice is made in each user’s profile and it affects only the Email Templates module. It does not affect the Emails module “compose window”.

Thanks @pgr - going to see if we can get some help on this from the Mosaico team

I don’t know… working on that screen is too messed up and complex. SuiteCRM 8 will surely rewrite the Compose window from scratch. So this integration work is probably not worth the effort for SuiteCRM 7…

And you get a pretty editor and let people build templates… then 2 minutes later people start to get stuck with insufficient ways of bringing in the data. A CRM has complex information on the customers - that’s the positive side of a CRM, right? People want to use it and these generic drag-and-drop editors can’t cope…