More than 1 tax

Please, it will be Great full to add more than 1 tax possibility to the CRM.


Can you elaborate? Do you mean more than 1 tax field on the Quote?

We want to use quote and invoice with SuiteCRM in the future.

Here in Quebec we need to separate the taxes on 2 diffrent line: Example

GST (TPS) 5%
QST (TVQ) 9.975%

Each line need to appears on the invoice.

Included a picture of what we need


You would need to make code customisations to line items and PDF Templates, as this is not possible out of the box.

Yesterday I have worked some hours on it and I don’t have all information to complete this (I think).

I have done this:

In Studio: add new fields in quote with name tax2_amount_c

In Studio: Quotes / Layouts / Editview and Detailview add the Row for the second taxes

add this line
Copied Line 147 and change LBL_TAX2_AMOUNT_C

[color=#ff0000]$groupEnd .= “

”.$mod_strings[‘LBL_TAX2_AMOUNT_C’].":  ";
Not sure If I need to add something else

add this line
Copied Line 174 to 180 and ad a 2 at each vat

[color=#ff0000]var f = x.insertCell(8);
f.innerHTML = “”;
f.innerHTML += “” + vat_hidden + “”;

if (typeof currencyFields !== 'undefined'){
    currencyFields.push("product_vat_amt" + prodln);

Copied Line 528 to 832 and change the name to LBL_TAX2_AMOUNT_C

[color=#ff0000]var footer_row4=tablefooter.insertRow(-1);
var footer_cell4 = footer_row4.insertCell(0);
footer_cell4.innerHTML=""+SUGAR.language.get(module_sugar_grp1, ‘LBL_TAX2_AMOUNT_C’)+":  ";

[/color]Not sure If I need to add something else

It is what I have done for now, If you can help me to complete the work, it will be very helpfull for me and other!!