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Good morning,
I wanted to understand if using the Projects module you can associate two or more resources for a different project task on the days when they will perform the activity.
Attached is an example of a project divided into project tasks with the allocation of resources and an example of each resource’s commitment to the associated project tasks.



I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe there’s functionality for adding multiple resources to a project task currently, in the CRM :slightly_frowning_face:

Perhaps you might be able to get something similar by creating multiple Identical tasks, (each assigned to a different user), and associating them all with a parent top-level task?

Something like:

This would at least let you track the tasks to some extent?

Otherwise, I believe that you’d need to do some custom changes to the Projects Module, to fully achieve this.

Though, this sounds like a good suggestion to raise on the Github Project!

Thank you John,
For confirmation, I also thought to use for each project task the standard tasks from tasks but without changes to the Projects module are not reported in the Gant.
In my opinion it is a nice module that with some adjustments could do great things.
I’ll try to suggest it on Github.


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Thanks for getting back

Yeah, it does sound like it would be a great addition to the module’s functionality!

Let us know if you come across any other questions/issues :slight_smile:

I report the link of the open problem on Github. :wink:

Much appreciated,

I’ll mark it as a Suggestion on Github :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Thanks for marking the post on Github as a suggestion :+1:t3: