Moodle Integration

Does anyone know of or have a module that will integrate Moodle and SuiteCRM. The biggest thing initially is a way to create a student database that can authenticate with the SuiteCRM.

Hi there,

Google is your friend. You may want to research this option.



I looked through a month or so ago, unfortunately they want you to buy a full merchant suite to get that add on. I am just looking for the integration to moodle piece. I am writing my own code now so we will see how it goes.


I am looking for the exact same integration - essentially a CRM (doesn’t matter what) that integrates with Moodle so we can report from and make notes against students enrolled via Moodle.

Please let me know if you found a suitable option as I had the same issue with CourseCRM


Hi there

In fact, we have now released our CourseCRM integration piece for people using Moodle or Totara LMS, but not necessarily our Course Merchant product. We only kept it linked with the ecommerce/merchant software whilst it was under development.

So, please feel free to contact us on to get latest pricing etc on the CourseCRM integration between SuiteCRM and Moodle or Totara.

We just put some youtube videos up - all produced using Suite’s OnDemand service, which we can highly recommend!



Update: there are new CourseCRM videos up. It is now a standalone product and full pricing is on the site.