Modules displayed multiple times in Reporting Module Tree

Hey Guys,

Within the reporting module, I am seeing modules listed multiple times on the module tree. Does anyone know why it is doing this? e.g. I see leads listed 3 times, surveys listed 4 times, each list has another "leads" inside of it, and you can loop down through the tree indefinitely. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Do you have a SuiteCRM version? :slight_smile:

Please try it in the online demo to see if it is the same there:

Hi, Yes it is present in the demo as well. The ability to infinitely drill down into the “Leads” options is present as well.

I think that doesn’t mean anything special. The modules seem to be connected like that because of the relationships between them. Probably there is a Leads-to-Leads relationship somewhere in the system and it gives that effect. Not all modules exhibit this behavior.

I think it ends up no t having an effect, whichever “incarnation” of the Leads module you select, when you drag the fields into the Report they are simply Leads fields.

I suggest to just ignore it…