ModuleBuilder (version 7.9.7) Bug with EditView, DetailView and QuickCreate

Environment Information
OS: Linux
DB: 5.6.37 - MySQL
Browser: Chrome
SuiteCRM: 7.9.7

Issue: Within ModuleBuilder, fhe EditView, DetailView and QuickCreate displays the same fields within the view. Please see the attached. I’m not getting any errors in the errorlogs nor any errors in the webserver log.

I’m not sure where to start in debugging this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you




Try a few repairs from the Admin / repair screen.

Try from a different browser/computer, to check if it’s a caching issue.

Thanks but that didn’t help.

Can you please try this on the live demo, to see if it’s a bug for everyone, or just a problem with your system/tour custom module?

Did you change anything manually in the files, or did you do all your changes from Studio?

I could not replicate the issue in the demo environment so it must be my environment.

I did not change anything. I did an upgrade from 7.8.x to 7.9.x afterward, is when I discovered the issue.

I’m going to try and copy the modulebuilder files from a fresh install and hope it works.