Module upload steps

I m confused, when i unzip the downloaded module then upload i see blank screen

when i i upload the zip file directly i see below window


The process should be to upload the .zip file itself. (i.e, the non-extracted version)

From your screenshot, it seems like its possibly an issue with the package itself.

Might I ask what kind of package you are trying to install?
(I.e, Is it A Module, a SuiteCRM Upgrade Package, A package that adds fields etc…)

I try to run all of below modules this morning


As mentioned, the packages should be uploaded in their .zip format into the CRM, not the extracted folder.

In regards to the packages in your screenshot, there are a few i’ve not heard of, but I will try to walk through them and give any info I can on each:

The Joomla Package can’t uploaded into the CRM. To set up Joomla, you’ll have to install it similarly to how you installed SuiteCRM.
(I.e, Insert it into your web service folder, such as: /www/var/html/ or /inetpub/webroot/ etc…, and then access it to run through the install)
These links may help:

The 2nd item, “sugarcrm_history_activity_subpanel_filter”, I’m not certain, but this package appears as though it would be something that should be uploaded into the Module Loader from the title.

The 3rd item, “SugarCRM-1.1.1”, i’m not certain what this is, Is this just a download of SugarCRM itself, or is this a package of sorts that you intend to upload into SuiteCRM?

The 4th item, “sugarcrm-custom-login-screen” looks like it should also be uploaded into Module Loader.

The 5th item, “sugarcrm-dashlet-acl”, This appears, from the title, like it would be installed in Module Loader.

The 6th item, “SuiteCRM-7.6.6”, This appears, from the title, to be a full download of SuiteCRM 7.6.6. Is this your current instance, Or do you intend to upgrade to 7.6.6?
If so, you can grab an upgrade package here:

The final item, “suitecrm-fieldlevel-acl”, this seems like it’d be uploaded into the Module Loader.

Any of the above packages that would be uploaded into the Module Loader, should be done so in their .zip format.

Please let me know if you’ve got any followup questions / issues !

Appreciate your detailed input, its very helpful

Thank you