Module Tab Error when 10 or more tabs

I have a custom module and I have 14 tabs in the module.

I have checked in Studio that everything is correctly added.
If I change the tabs to panels everything shows correctly.
But I don’t want panels I want tabs.

The 10th tab when clicked on does not show the proper information.
It is showing the same information as overview tab.

Tabs work 1 thru 9.

Tab10 contents shows tab 0 content
Tab12 contents shows tab 1 content
Tab13 contents shows tab 2 content

When I open inspector in the browser and click on tab10, inspector is showing me
id=tab-content-0 style=display:block

If i change it to show tab-content-10 it simply shows an empty space.

Is this a bug?

I noticed this error when I did an inspection on the tabs.

I found this:

SuiteCRM has the Default Error of Tabs while applying a Change event on Tabs.

Once you click on tabs the tab id count is not getting proper. So that’s the reason Tab content does not show proper information.

Replace above change in following path of your CRM,

/themes/SuiteP/include/DetailView/DetailView.tpl (Approx line no. 354)

After Updating file Rename/Delete the cache folder on your CRM,

After renaming/deleting the cache folder, Do “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and check the tabs working properly.


Thank you so much. This worked perfectly for me.

Is this a fix that you can make into a PR on GIthub?

Hi John,

This is default bug of SuiteCRM. In themes/SuiteP/include/EditView/EditView.tpl and themes/SuiteP/include/DetailView/DetailView.tpl there is click function for the tab which need to be updated. See following details

  1. DetailView.tpl: At the bottom(around line#352), there is click event, update it as following:

  1. EditView.tpl: Most probably at the line#250, update code as following:

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