module Subpanel Totals

I would like to show the totals on a module subpanel. For example, you have an opportunity displayed and under the ‘projects’ subpanel for that opportunity there is a total on the project budget column which totals all the project budgets associated to that opportunity. I have used this as a starting point and have managed to get it to work for ListView for the projects modules (listing all the project records) but it doesn’t work on the project subpanel for the opportunity. Looking at the logs, it looks like the after_ui_frame hook fires when I look at the project modules listview but not for the project subpanel for the opportunity. The process_record hook fires for both the listview and the subpanel.

Any help gratefully received as I am now stuck.


Did you get any ideas/answers on this one? I would like to implement the same kind of thing

Wow, talk about resurrecting an old thread :slight_smile:

I have these two bookmarked posts, maybe they will help you:

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