Module Search: inclusive (AND) & exclusive (OR) on specific fields


In Advanced Search, if you select several values in a MULTIENUM field, the normal behavior is to build a query with OR (exclusive).
For instance: (color = ‘blue’ OR color = ‘red’)

How can I change the behavior to an AND (inclusive) for this specific MULTIEMUM field ?
Query: (color = ‘blue’ AND color = ‘red’)

If possible point to me the part of the code I should play with.

Thank you

May be you like to try this search plugin for better search experience.

This plugin provides searches options like includes, exact match etc.

Thanks. But it seems your module is for Global Search.

I need this on Advanced Search and on Popup filter search.

Any one knows how to do that?

Very appreciated. Best regards.

Still not included in documentation but our product also support Popup Search beautifully.

I found how to do it.
Unfortunately it is not UPGRADE SAFE.
Need to be modified every time SuiteCRM is upgraded. (any idea how to make it upgrade safe?)

file: /include/SearchForm/SearchForm2.php
change: $field_value .= ’ or ';
to: $field_value .= ’ and ';