Module Read Only Detail View from EntryPoint

I am trying to Achieve Quotes Module Read only view for its Detail View by using custom entry point.
Entry Point is defined as

$entry_point_registry['quoteReadonly'] = array(
        'file' => 'custom/modules/AOS_Quotes/readonly.php',
        'auth' => false

This leads to creating files in module folder like readonly.php and need to have custom tpl file. Some of the snippet looks like

	$view= new SugarView();

	$sugar_smarty = new Sugar_Smarty();

Is there any other way so that a View is mapped to Custom Entry Point and that generates DetailView readonly using detailviewdefs.php or readonlydefs.php?

Did you ever find an alternative way, or is this the way forward?
I would like to do something similar, but have a few fields editable so that the client can change their name/address and accept the quote.

I was able to make fields read only by Using Custom JS code

that sounds promising then…
i’ve not really used smarty, so need to get my head around that.
can you share some more of your code ?

I have the entry point working but cant figure how to display the custom edit view.