Module - Not showing any contents


I created a new module Business development, but when I click on View Business Development none of my contents is getting shown. But the contents can be entered in the edit view and shown in the detail view.

But since I am not getting any content in the list view, I am unable to sort or filter my data.

Please guide me how to solve the issue.

do you have anything in your suitecrm.log or apache error log?
If you have tried sorting any field and then you got this page as black, You can reset your preference from user’s profile.

My next steps would be to:

  1. check the log for errors
  2. Run a repair and rebuild
  3. Re-set permissions

#2 and #3 usually solve these kinds of problems like 90% of the time. Look up chperms.php on github. Just drop the file into your install directory, run it and it re-sets all the permissions without having to SSH.