module name changes not showing in 'create' dropdown

hello, I am setting up suitecrm for a education provider business and have changed the name of 3 modules and these changes have taken effect in all places apart from the header menu ‘create’ dropdown. I have read the manual and looked through the forums and searched online but as yet have not found a solution. Any advice would be great.

My preference is to change the module names as described above, however if for any reason this is not feasible I would then want to hide the ‘create’ button which is equally illusive to me?

thanks in advance

If you are a technical person you will be able to customize this file

make sure you copy it to the custom folder first:

thanks for pointing me to the correct file and process, i’ll get that actioned, appreciate your guidance

I am also pushing to get this merged as soon as possible, it fixes this problem.

You can apply that fix it manually if you don’t want to wait for the upgrade.