Module Menu Filters: Project tasks

By default, does ‘project tasks’ appear in module menu filters?

In my instance it does not, and having referred to some notes i found that i had edited /include//modules.php to include the line
$moduleList[] = ‘ProjectTask’;

unfortunately this was not upgrade safe.

Shouldn’t project tasks be able to be filtered under projects by default?

This live demo allows Admin access, so you can check how it is on a clean install:

If it’s not there, I guess it’s because some of these modules are supposed to be used from within their related modules (so, Project Tasks are accessed from within Projects). But it might not be such a good idea…

Its not there either.

I am accessing Project Tasks from the Project module, but when ‘Subpanel Tabs’ is enabled there is no way to filter the Project Tasks; it only appears on the All or Other tab.

In my instance i have a module menu filter entitled ‘Project’, which i needed to show the project tasks under.

Presumably i can create /custom/include/modules.php to be upgrade safe ?

Sure, you can try it…