Module Menu Filters not working

Hi Guys,

I think the Module Menu Filters are not working in version 7.1.2
Sugar Version 6.5.17 (Build 1220).

When editing and saving nothing happens.

Thank you in advance for helping.

Greetings Aron

Its most likely the permission on your custom folder (or the files/folders within) are not right

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:oops: :blush: I knew i forgot something to check… TNX Matt for your quick reply


just changed the 775 of cache custom modules themes data upload.

The problem is still there.

did you set the owner/ group

I did it via filezilla, select the above named folders, file rights, enter 775 (which autoselect on the owner [read,write,execute] and the group {read, write, execute]) and adopt rights to all subfolders and files.

Hi there,

This is a bug related to the Russian Language Pack.



Hi Will,

i do not use the russian language pack.
I just install an new version of suite max, with all the permissions set right, and still can not make new filters to make an new menu.
This is what i do: admin - Configure Module Menu Filters - add filter - name filter (ie ‘new’) - drag/drop module (ie contacts) - click ‘safe & deploy’.
Then get sent to an empty index page and no new menu item.

I hope someone can say what i am doing wrong,
Tanks for helping,
Greetings Aron

ps changing the name for the already existing menus works, as well changing the modules of the existing menus.

Hi Aron,

Have you disabled the russian language pack? You don’t need to use it for the bug to affect your instance as the buggy code is still there.



Hi Will,

no, did not disable the russian language pack. But i will try the workaround provided by amariussi on this forum:


I can backup what Will said. Simply disable the Russian language pack and you can edit menu items again

Hi guys,

Cool, that works!



Hi Will,

The problem is not in Russian language pack. Some language files (ru_ru, ua_ua & hu_hu) with BOM signature was earlier included in the SecurityGroups module. In Russian language pack this problem was solved in ver. 7.0.1

So, do not use ru_ru files from that module or fix this bug manually if you will use this lang. files from the SecurityGroups module in next releases.