Module Loader 500 Internal Server Error

I’m using 7.x version of SuiteCRM (the last version before it went to the SuiteP theme around 3 years ago I think as hate the new theme - I use custom4 column screen layouts). On my dev copy I added a slew of new custom fields to the Task module and added them to the views, and didn’t want to manually create them on the production server. So I created a Task module package but when I upload and installed it on the production server after about 5 minutes I get 500 internal error. Now when I try to access the production server it takes forever to respond, and finally responds with a 504 gateway timeout. Luckily I wisely did a full backup of these them and am doing this in the middle of the night when no one is using the system.

Is the module loader just plain unreliable to transfer over large changes to the modules? Aside from doing a restore, if there a manual way I can bring the fields and views over and have it update the database like transferring certain files then doing a repair and rebuild?

I see Suite is still chugging away on PHP based on the top output. So maybe it’s still doing the module load implementation in the background? I doubt it. It’s probably Suite cron events going crazy or something. Will wait a few more minutes then do a reboot and restore.

False alarm. It did complete the update. Strange though that it got a 500 error. Could be that the PHP max execution time was exceeding which I can’t remember what I set it at but its pretty long. Pretty cool it still completed the update despite getting a 500 error. Glad I waited and didn’t do a reboot and restore.