Module installer bug. How to manually remove custom module?

I installed the custom module “IBM Connections”
Unfortunately it installed and messed up the SuiteCRM instance.
On closer look it’s marked as compatible with version 7 but obviously SugarCRM 7 not SuiteCRM 7.
Uninstalled it with the module loader but it’s still installed and running Scheduler jobs and failing due to missing table that was dropped by the uninistall code…
Unable to access the Admin page - it comes up with menu bar only the rest of the page is blank white - obviously a php error.
Question, what’s the standard procedure to remove the remaining bits of a module manually, and restore full functionality to SuiteCRM?

Go into the file structure and look in the modules folder and delete the folder for that module. Then go into the custom/modules folder and delete any folder for that module. Then do a repair/rebuild. You might still have issues with missing relationships etc so if that happens you will need to hunt about in the custom/Extension/modules//Ext/Vardefs for files relating to that module you installed and delete them.

Be very careful what you are deleting though.

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