module for tracking customer incidents (bugs)?

HI all,

Newbie here. Does SuiteCRM have any module allowing a customer service center (NOT THE CUSTOMER) creates and manage “tickets” for problems and tracking them until resolution?


There is a “bugs” module which is very simple, and then there is the “Cases” module which is what I recommend.

You can try it on the online demo:

user: will pass: will

Thank you. That is looking good. Is there a way to “escalate” to a group and then handled by an individual?

Using the “assigned to” mechanism, you can pass the ticket around people in the company, and it will show on their home page “my cases” dashlet.

I don’t know about Groups, you might have to do some coding customizations for that. Unless you can simply assign to someone who is a “dispatcher”, and he/she assigns to group members. Or maybe you can leave the record unassigned, and have some procedure where people check unassigned records and assign them.

Thanks for the help. I think I solved my ‘group’ issue by having a group email distribution list.