module favicon in svg don't appear in Chrome


I checked the option “Display module icon as favicon” in System Setting.

But the svg favicon are not displayed…

It is working with GIF favicon

I found the reason. Is it a bug ?

In the theme SuiteP, there are files ready module favicons: Accounts_favico.png, Bugs_favico.png, Campaigns_favico.png …
But not for all modules :dry:

Anyway, in /include/MVC/View/SugarView.php , in the function getFavicon() we can find this code:

if ($module_favicon) {
	$favicon = $themeObject->getImageURL($this->module . '.gif', false);

This is quite surprising since there are no GIF images in the 7.9.11 themes images… :ohmy:

What do you think ?
Is this a bug ?

Thanks you for your reply.