Module Dropdown Corruption

After upgrading to 7.9, the dropdown on the left side is corrupted. Please see screenshot for an explanation. It shows <b.pre…> instead of showing the corresponding record.

Hi there,

What I believe you are pointing to is the Sidebar not the module dropdown - specifically the {this.CRE ?

Yeah, that seems to be a bug specific to the record - I can’t remember on top of my head but which module is that record linked to?

Also regards to the blank Email screen please have a look at the Upgrade step specific to this version.

As we have revamped the Email Client you need to resync your IMAP accounts with SuiteCRM as we have made the prodominent table that older versions used (email_cache) redundant now.

My apologies. Yes, I was referring to the Sidebar. I find this problem across many modules. It is not isolated to any specific module it appears. I have the problem on Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities that I have noticed.

With regards to Email:
(FYI. We have Outbound Email ONLY, through SMTP). We are able to send out successfully the emails from the “Email Settings” section. However, the email module itself is blank. I can bring up the Compose Email screen however.