Module Deployment Hanging Indefinitely

Whenever I attempt to deploy a module from the Module Builder (studio seems to work fine), the program stays on the “deploying module” screen indefinitely. The longest I’ve waited was roughly an hour (I grabbed lunch and left it running), and still nothing. Additionally, this causes all other pages to come up blank upon being loaded. For example, if after trying to deploy a module, I tried to enter my suiteCRM in a new window, I would only get a white screen.

I made sure that all of the system requirements were met or exceeded, as well as checking config.php to ensure that the lines for enabling inline editing were present as well.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, as this seems like a test update!

This has already been identified as a bug and a fix proposed. We will inform you once the fix has been released.

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Ah, thanks! I haven’t been keeping up with the github