Module customisation

Hi guys,

I need to customize the ticketing module and I was wondering if there are best practices to follow in order to be able to migrate version without breaking everything.

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Could you clarify what you mean by “migrate”?

If you mean migrating from a version of SugarCRM to SuiteCRM, then the best practice is to backup both your DB and SugarCRM instance.
Then, use the Migration package found here:

If you only mean to customize the module, the best practice would be to make all changes in Studio.
You can access this in the Admin > Studio Menu
Ensure that you give your fields names that are both relevant and coherent.

Hi john,

We are currently using version 7.3.1 of SuiteCRM and we need to move our ticketing system into Suite CRM, but there are some missing features that we need to develop (not only adding new fields). So one part of my question was what is the best way to integrate new features into an existing module ?

On the other hand and this is the “migrate” explaination, once this is done, we need to be sure that our customization won’t break with upcoming versions of SuiteCRM.

I hope it’s a better description of our needs :wink:



hi jdearaujo,

you can customized your module in the directory custom/modules/Cases. Logic hook, Controller, Views …it’s upgrade save
Or you can create an deploye a new module with Module Builder in Administration panel

I hope I could help
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