Module Conversion

How do you convert a custom module into a different module?

Hi, can you give more details?

  • What do you mean by different module?
  • What module did you already create?
  • What’s your purpose?
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Hey Jan,

We would like to go from a Lead -> Opportunity -> Trip. I have already created the module called Trip.

  1. I have added a calculated field to Leads. If the value is over 200 it should be converted to an Opportunity.

  2. Once an Opportunity has a certain status it should be converted to a Trip.


PS How much would you charge for some “tech support”?

I have a very similar question/need it seems:

I have created a lead field called ‘business category’ and created a drop down for it with dropdown editor. The reason is because ‘business category’ is something I want to gather as a first step and that data should move along through all other stages like ‘name’ and ‘email’…

It worked perfectly and when I created the lead, I chose the business category from dropdown.

Then I ‘converted the lead’ to an opportunity and account but my custom field described above did not convert to either the opportunity or the account module.

Main question: How do I create a field that is ‘passed along’ during conversion steps?

Thank you SO Much for any help!

I think in your case you just have to name the fields appropriately (they must be the same on each module) and they will carry over during conversion. Our situation is a little different in that we want to auto convert based on a field value.

hey there! thanks for the quick response. I did my due diligence and further scanned this forum and found this link which confirms what you are saying is true:
however, the problem is that I’m very dumb and I require hand holding. So, I had already set it up this way but I think that I’m goofed on the terminology. I named the ‘field label’ to be exactly the same as the lead module, but it didn’t work. I suspect that I have to name the ‘other’ option there when you create the field to be the same, not the field label. I’ll try to screenshot it for others in case it helps as I test it now.

ok, folks, so this wasn’t too bad at all, except there is a ‘flow’ you must follow and you must know the terminology which I didn’t. I will attempt to explain this in detail for the less cranially enhanced folks like me :slight_smile: first the ‘flow’ and then the ‘how to’

Flow (general):

  1. create the custom field in lead module, not forgetting to include the field in the layout (or it won’t appear) in Studio in Admin area
  2. do the same thing for the opportunity module, contact module, and account module (or any other module where you want the lead in #1 to appear after conversion is done). In the same way, do not forget to include this field in the layout of each module or it won’t show up.
  3. run a test by creating a test lead, making sure your custom lead field is complete, and then converting that lead, making sure that you’ve selected that next module to be part of the conversion that includes your new field.
  4. open up the target module (ie. opportunity) and check to make sure the data from #1 is successfully there

How to (Details):

To make sure that your field correctly converts from the lead module over to the others, you have to make sure that the ‘field name’ in your target module (ie. opportunity module) is exactly the same as the lead ‘field name’. To be sure, I wrote it down on a notepad while looking at it before creating the target field. Assuming you have this ‘field name’ written down perfectly in front of you:

  1. go to Admin
  2. go to ‘studio’
  3. go to the target module
  4. click ‘fields’
  5. click ‘add field’
  6. choose your dropdown or whatever you need for the type (can’t do this later, btw so do it now)
  7. critical step enter the field name exactly as it appears in the lead module
  8. fill in other blah blah
  9. save

Now go run the suggested test above in the flow.

Hope this helps someone! Thanks to all those who helped thus far!

Just so no one gets confused about this thread. The original question was how to convert one module into another. The answer given simply shows how to copy a one field to another with the same name.

Does anyone have information on how to copy custom modules that are related to a Lead to a an Opportunity? I’m NOT talking about fields, I’m referring to modules.