module contacts - missing link in list view - SuiteCRM 7.10.14

I’m running SuiteCRM Version 7.10.14

I noticed in the list view of the module contacts i can’t click over a contact name to open the detail view, simply there isn’t any link.

What could i check?

well, i succeded in having the link that was about having the right field in the list view.
The only way i managed was dragging one of the hidden fields called name by clicking on choose columns in the module contacts rather then trying to fix it from the studio.

Also i noticed in the studio while editing the list view layout you must have both the fields full_name and name in the defaults,instead if you try to put full_name in the hidden fields you get this kind of warning sowing up while hovering on the cross appearing on the choose columns button:

((typeof this [0]==‘number’)?this[0]:0);}

and you still see the field full_name as a default field (editing the list view layout from the studio)

and now you get rid of that warning only by dragging one of the field called name in the visible fields from the module contacts using the button choose columns… i think this label i move it’s related to the field full_name. Then i can even drag and drop it in the hidden fields again and that’s it.

Also it would be interesting learning how to link other fields of the list view…