Module Config Filter

Good day

Im running Suitecrm version 8.3.0, PHP version 8.1.19.

I am unable to modify the Main Module Menus using the filter. I can make changes and deploy with no errors, but the changes do not take place and I do not see anything on the logs. Pls help.

You should disable display_errors in your php.ini, those errors really shouldn’t be thrown on to the screen, sometimes harmless messages cause screens to break. You should track errors only in the logs.

That specific problem has a fix pending, here

you can apply it manually if you want.

Thank you.

I have updated my FavoritesManagerPort.php file manually as suggested. I cleared the cache, did a quick rebuild and repair, however the issue still persists.

I checked my PHP.ini also and its default setting is to not display errors, yet they still show on the log.

If it’s still getting the same FATAL error, that is very strange.

You are using an unsupported PHP version, you need to fix that.

The rest of your PHP settings are also quite low - memory_limit, post_max_size, max_execution_time, max_uploads, etc