Module builder white screen after create record


I’m having some issues. I cannot create a record in a module I just created, I just get a white screen after entering the details and clicking save for the new record.

I think it may have to do with me deleting a package I created the wrong way. I created a package earlier and deleted it. In that module I was able to create a record without this white screen. Now whenever I create a new module I cannot create any records.

Here is what it says in the suitecrm.log:

Try a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and when it ends scroll down to the bottom to see if there is a button to “sync vardefs with database”.

If that doesn’t help, try looking for left-overs of your old module on the custom directory, and in the database.

Don’t forget to check the table fields_meta_data.

EDIT: here is a more complete explanation:

Thanks! That solved it. I did do that but I didn’t notice the execute button at the button, sorry I’m a bit new to SuiteCRM.

What happens if I create a module with the same name of a deleted module? I see in the MySQL database that the tables have not actually been deleted. Would that cause issues or would it just reuse that same table and reactivate it?

Thanks again!

I don’t know the answer, just make a good backup and try it :slight_smile: