Module Builder Imports

Hello All,

I am having issues with the importing function with custom built modules using the basic and company type fields. I check the importing checkbox and the import tab show up on the left side of the window in the module. However, I get a error saying, “Imports aren’t set up for this module type”.

Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong with the build?

You didn’t say which version you’re running…

Please try this on this online demo that allows admin access:

That way you can check if the problem is just for you.

BTW: I’m not even sure Imports are supposed to work on custom modules…

I’m running on version 7.10.4.

I tried the demo link with admin access and I’m not able to create a module on there to test to see if it’s just me.

Maybe try this, the part about SugarCRM 6:


Sorry for the delay, but thanks for that link!

I didn’t follow through with editing the code, however I read the article and rebuilt the modules to ensure that importing was enable from the beginning and everything is working like a charm.

I appreciate the help on that tremendously!!!