Module builder and Studio - Getting Crazy :(

I Creating The modules in my SuitCRM.
I have taught time to understand the difference between the Studio and the module builder sometimes.

The problem:
Is that I can, For Example, Add fields through Module builder and then go to Custome the Filed from the Studio and It’s messing up my module.

Also, there are changes the Can appear in the Interface only if I do it throughout the studio for empale - Layout.
Can you tell me What is the best practice for that?

Thank you,

Keep simple thing in mind…

1: If you do anything from Module Builder, it must be deployed after doing the changes. So “Deploy” is the final step to perform

2: If you Deploy changes by Module Builder, ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE EVER DONE FROM STUDIO WILL BE REMOVED…note this point…most important

3: If you are going to do any changes from Studio, then never move back to module builder. Studio changes are instantly implemented…So NO need to deploy there.

In simple we can go from Module Builder to Studio without any issue, But we should never move back from Studio to Module Builder because we will lost all the changes done from Studio in this case.

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Just to add a bit of advice: if you don’t have a particular reason to use Module Builder, just use Studio.

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It helped a lot… Many Thanks :slight_smile: