module backup

Good afternoon, can anyone tell me how can i migrate my modules to another version os suitecrm?
7.6 to 7.10

Thank you very much.

The most important rule is not to mix migrations with upgrades:

So you choose between one of these ways:

  • migrate first to the same version on another server, then upgrade version


  • upgrade version, then migrate to the same version on another server

Migrating modules is a part of the problem of migrating your instance. If you do a full migration, database plus all the files in the file system, your modules will be moved also.

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good morning.
Thanks for your answer, first off.

So i cant just copy the modules directory, or in some other way??
I have to do a migration server only then i can migrate?
Migrante from 7.4 to 7.10 is do able??

Thanks for your time.