modify quotes account lookup

I have added more fields to the quote address information from the the account table. (like industry dropdown). I need to know how to add the extra fields to the account lookup. Right now it pulls in the data like this.

billing_address_city: “N…”
billing_address_street:“1 West 0 South”
shipping_address_street:“1 West 0 South”

I need it so it pulls in

It helps if you are more precise. This is a big app, and things can be accessed from many screens, let’s make sure we’re all thinking of the same things so we can talk…

Please say your version of SuiteCRM.

On which screen do you extra stuff displayed? Is it Quotes module, Detail view? Or edit view? Did you try going in Studio and adding the new fields to the views there?

When creating a new quote i want the extra fields to populate when it does a search for account.
So if you mouse over sales and click quote.
Then you mouse over quote and click create quote.
Under the Address Information start typing in an account.
Select the account it populates the billing and shipping address.

Here I created a new Dynamic dropdown of Industry.
I want it to update that dropdown when it updates the address.

What file do I change to add the industry field to?
Will the dropdown automatically update if the data is passed to it? If Not what file do I change.

Version 7.10.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Have a look here

I am assuming you already know the basics about customizing files in an upgrade-safe manner?